MR-1 - SMW 1/2" Mod Vise, Single Station Kit

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Add a Second Vise to your SMW MR-1 Pallet for the MR-1 CNC Gantry Mill.

This Kit Includes:

  • ½” SMW Modular Vise System

Purchase this kit to add a second single station vise setup up to your SMW MR-1 pallet.

The Saunders Machine Works (SMW) 1/2" Modular Vise uses low profile clamping for a versatile workholding and fixturing system in combination with the SMW MR-1 Aluminum Pallet.

Product details are as follows:

  • Soft jaw compatible.
  • Steel body and jaws machined by SMW.
  • The fixed position Mod Vise Jaw uses diamond pins for quick tram alignment with the MR-1 Pallet hole pattern.
  • Uses 7/16-20 'clamping bolts' on the Adjustable Jaw to deliver ~2900 pounds of clamping force at 30 ft/lbs torque per bolt- on par with typical 4" machine vises.
  • Jaws can be used in reverse orientation along with vise parallels like traditional machine vises (great for finishing work on height-critical parts - see photos for example)

Note: Reversible Jaw Inserts must be purchased separately.

For more information on how the SMW Mod Vises work, check out these videos.