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MR-1 Add-Ons

MR-1 - Fusion Cool 2240 Flood Coolant

MR-1 - Fusion Cool 2240 Flood Coolant

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Keep Tools Cool and Happy with Fusion Cool 2240 Flood Coolant for the MR-1 CNC Gantry Mill.


  • 1 Gallon of Milling Coolant (concentrate)

Fusion is crafted as a biodegradable, semi-synthetic cutting fluid, offering seamless disposal without compromising its effectiveness. Fusion has excellent rust protection and unparalleled boundary lubrication and is completely free from sulfur, nitrates, mineral oils, and heavy-duty salts.

Forming a robust barrier, Fusion safeguards your tooling from the corrosive effects of moisture and other environmental factors. Fusion's boundary lubrication results in smoother machining operations, reduced friction, and enhanced tool life. With hassle-free disposal, Fusion is the only brand of cutting fluid that we recommend for use on the MR-1.

Fusion coolant is a 1 gallon concentrate. Simply pour 1 gallon of coolant concentrate into your 15 Gallon Coolant tank to achieve the correct dilution ratio.

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