MR-1 - Low Profile Modular Vise (Out-of-Spec)

Regular price $314.95

This is the listing for Out of Spec Width Vises. These vises meet all requirements but were made 1/4" too wide by our supplier. This width requires the customer to use either:

  • Langmuir Systems standard toe clamps to accommodate the larger width
  • Langmuir Systems Modular Vise Clamp Kit with some modifications to the MR-1 Baseplate. New 1/4-20 holes must be drilled and tapped into the baseplate.


10" Low Profile Modular Vise for the MR-1 CNC Gantry Mill.


  • 10” Modular Hardened Steel Vise
  • Vise wrench
  • T-handle

The Langmuir Systems 10” Modular Vise has been purpose built for optimal performance on MR-1. With a base height of only 1.1875 inches, the vise can accommodate parts as tall as 3.8” while still ensuring clearance to the bottom of the X axis carriage. All surfaces of the vise are heat treated and precision ground for excellent accuracy and durability.

While the vise can be attached using toe clamps, we recommend picking up a set of our purpose built vise clamps to secure to your base plate.

Why stop at one? Installing two vises allows even larger projects to be machined. Or set up two different projects in each vise and double your productivity.