MR-1 - Full Assembly Service

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The MR-1 CNC Gantry Mill Fully Assembled & Ready for Work - Begins Shipping Oct 2022.


  • Fully assembled MR-1 Machine thats ready to cut on delivery

The MR-1 Gantry Mill is designed to be as easy as possible to assemble. However, most users will need about 18-25 hours to complete the assembly from unboxing to first commissioning. If you dont want to spend time assembling the machine, or just want the quality assurance and reliability that comes with a factory assembled unit, consider purchasing the Full Assembly Service.

For a flat rate, we will custom build your machine exactly as ordered including any purchased options and accessories. For example, if you order the enclosure it will arrive fully assembled and installed on the machine including caulking all of the joints. Similarly if you order the Epoxy Leveling Kit, we will apply that to the concrete base.

This service also includes machine alignment. After assembly, the machine will be moved to our alignment department where technicians will perform sophisticated measurements to check and fine tune the precise alignments of the machine. This advanced alignment procedure brings the machine into precision alignment even beyond our advertised bolt-together alignment figures listed in Machine Specifications. We will never allow an assembled machine to leave our factory that does not meet our exacting quality standards.

From there the machine will be powered on and run through a break in program. The spindle motor will be cycled through all speeds and the XYZ axes will be run through their range of motion to ensure everything works as intended.

After final quality sign off, the machine will be loaded in a protective crate and shipped direct to your door via freight service.

Note: Assembled units are estimated to be available in October 2022. Additional shipping cost will also be included as the shipping of fully assembled machines will require crating and additional shipping charges. We estimate $1000 to most places in the contiguous US.