Razorweld X45 Torch

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The Razorweld X45 (J45H) Torch offers dramatically improved cut quality and longer consumable lifetime with shielded consumables over the stock S45 torch. 

The X45 Torch is compatible with all Razorweld Plasma Cutters including the Razorweld Vipercut30/30i and comes standard on the current generation of Razorweld Razorcut 45 CNC plasma cutters purchased through Langmuir Systems.


  • Shielded consumables for improved cut quality and longer consumable lifetime.
  • 6 meter cable (compatible with the CrossFire PRO).
  • Compatible with Razorweld Vipercut 30, 30i, 30i CNC and Razorcut 45, 45 CNC.

Each torch comes with one set of consumables pre-installed. For extra consumables for the X45 Torch please see the X45 Consumables collection.

Note: The handle design of this torch is slightly different than the stock Razorweld X45 torch but it is identical in function, consumables, and cut quality.