Water Table

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Start cutting with your CrossFire CNC and easily install the drop-in Water Table when it arrives.

The Langmuir Systems Stainless Steel Water Table for your CrossFire machine. Made specifically for the CrossFire, the water table uses the same slats as the basic CrossFire kit. 

When filled with water below the top surface of the slat bed, the action of plasma cutting (forced air) causes water in the tray to splash back up onto the backside of the part being cut. This allows for part cooling, reduces cutting noise, decreases part warpage, reduces arc flash, and reduces smoke and cutting dust.


  • Stainless Steel Water Tray
  • Slat Holders
  • Hardware, Fittings, and Installation instructions 

Many CNC plasma tables are capable of operation without a water tray or a spray coolant system, but thermal warpage can be an issue when cutting materials thinner than 1/8" thick. We strongly recommend using some type of cooling system when cutting thinner material to prevent warpage that may potentially ruin your part; especially when high detailed cutting such as artwork is required (high localized heat input).

See Installation Instructions and usage Notes.

This water table is NOT compatible with the CrossFire PRO.