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MR-1 Add-Ons

MR-1 - Automatic Tool Setter

MR-1 - Automatic Tool Setter

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MR-1 Automatic Tool Setter for Quick Tool Changes on the MR-1 CNC Gantry Mill.


  • Electronic Tool Setter
  • Cable to plug into CNC Electronics Enclosure
  • Mounting hardware

No tool changer, no problem. With the Automatic Tool Setter make accurate tool changes at a productive pace on MR-1.

Before any machining can take place, CutControl must know where the tip of the tool is in relation to the part that is to be machined. While the option exists to manually touch the tip of the tool to the surface of the part, doing so is tedious and could cause damage to the tool or part if care is not used. When machining a part that requires many tool changes, the time used for manually touching off tools can quickly add up.

Using the Langmuir Systems Tool Setter not only saves time, but it also improves accuracy and repeatability. Thanks to its plug-and-play integration into CutControl, tool height is quickly and accurately sensed at the press of a single button. When machining complicated projects with multiple tools, the time saved can be substantial.

The waterproof design ensures that the Tool Setter can be safely used with the flood coolant system. The base includes mounting holes that match the tooling hole spacing on the baseplate so that it can be mounted anywhere that’s convenient and out of the way. Four adjustment screws allow the surface of the platen to be perfectly leveled to the XY plane of the machine. The Toolsetter contains four indicator lights letting the user know when the tool has made contact with the surface of the platen.

Using the Tool Setter in conjunction with our Touch Probe will make the entire process of setting part offsets and tool offsets fully automated. Want both? Consider purchasing our bundle at a discounted price

If you typically use short reach tools with the spindle block in the ‘up’ position, you’ve probably encountered the situation where the tool cannot reach the tool setter without first running out of travel. Solve that problem by installing the 1.5” Tall Tool Setter Riser.


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