MR-1 - Flood Coolant System

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Complete Flood Coolant System for the MR-1 CNC Gantry Mill.


  • High flow submersible coolant pump
  • 15 gallon coolant tank with steel lid
  • Feed hose, loc line nozzle, and associated mounting brackets
  • 2 side drains, stainless wire mesh drain filters, and drain hoses
  • All associated hardware and fittings

When it comes to machining materials like aluminum and stainless steel, flood coolant is a must have. Some will argue that mist coolant is an acceptable alternative, but research across the board shows that tool life, accuracy, and surface finish all benefit greatly from the use of flood coolant.

At the heart of the system is the powerful submersible pump that rests directly inside of the 15 gallon polymer coolant tank. With the ability to safely pump solids up to ⅛” in diameter, small debris and chips that get past the drain filters will cause no harm to the pump. The pump offers massive pressure and flow to blast away chips and keep your cutters completely flooded in coolant via the included loc-line nozzle with on/off valve.

This kit also includes all of the drain plumbing that is cast directly into the concrete base structure during assembly, much like the plumbing in slab foundation homes. Drains on either side of the base plate are protected by fine mesh stainless steel filters to ensure the drains will never clog with swarf. 

We recommend picking up these other options with the flood coolant system:

  1. 1 Gallon Synthetic Multipurpose Cutting Coolant
  2. Leveling Feet Kit - Leveling the machine ensures that the coolant drain flow is equalized between the two drains
  3. Machine Enclosure

Note: If you're not purchasing the flood coolant kit, but think that may change in the future, we highly encourage you to purchase and install the flood coolant drain kit so that the drains can be installed at the time of assembly: