MR-1 - Leveling Feet Kit

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Precision Leveling Kit for the MR-1 CNC Gantry Mill.

This Kit Includes:

  • Swivel type Steel leveling foot – qty. 4
  • Aluminum leveling foot mount – qty. 4
  • Mounting screws

The leveling feet attach to each leg on MR-1 and can be individually adjusted to level the machine at all four corners. This is especially important if you plan on running our Flood Coolant Kit to ensure that the machine is level to equalize flow to all four drains.

If you are planning to epoxy coat your base, we strongly recommend purchasing this kit. The self-leveling characteristics of the epoxy require the surface being coated to be level in order to work properly.

If you plan to move MR-1, we recommend purchasing this kit so that the machine can be releveled after moving.