MR-1 - Toe Clamp Kit

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Fast and Flexible Workholding Clamps for the MR-1 CNC Gantry Mill.

This Kit Includes:

  • Short toe clamp– qty. 5
  • Long toe clamp– qty. 5
  • Short step block– qty. 5
  • Tall step block– qty. 5
  • Short stud– qty. 5
  • Medium stud– qty. 5
  • Tall stud– qty. 3
  • Flange Hex nut– qty. 10
  • Coupling Nut– qty. 5

This toe clamp set is designed specifically for use on the MR-1 baseplate. Each toe clamp is machined out of tool steel and heat treated for excellent toughness and wear resistance. Step blocks can be stacked and arranged to clamp parts at effectively any height. The ¼-20 threaded studs can be connected using coupling nuts so that extremely tall parts can be securely clamped to the baseplate.