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MR-1 Add-Ons

NEW! MR-1 - Tramming Tool

NEW! MR-1 - Tramming Tool

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Easily Achieve Accuracy and Precision


This device allows the operator to directly measure spindle tram error so that the spindle can be shimmed/adjusted to eliminate the error.

Achieving exceptional surface finish with minimal steps between passes requires a spindle that has minimal tram error. Tram error is the measure of perpendicularity between the axis of the spindle and the XY plane of the machine. A spindle with too much tram error presents the cutting tool at an angle to the workpiece which has the tendency to create a stepped surface finish. The effect is magnified when using larger tools such as a fly cutter.

This tool sweeps an 8” diameter and should be used directly on the baseplate after it has been faced.

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